YaYa's Candy
It's Worth it!!!
My name is Jilda Standish, my candy is called Yayas as a small childs exclamation for something good to eat. Yayas was inspired by my dad he  made us awesome candy all of my life. Yayas Candy was developed using natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Butter is the main ingredient, freshness is the key. Yayas is worth every bite!  "It's worth It!!" 16.00/lb. plus shpg.
  Toffee is covered with dark chocolate and broken pecans.
  Caramels  are wrapped in individual pieces. All is sold as 1 lb. minimum.  Come to Georgetown,Ky and try some for free!!!
  10% of profit currently sent to Haiti.
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
502 863-5566
Address :
105 Ringbill Ct.
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